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Launch X-431 ADAS HD

Launch X-431 ADAS HD

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The X-431 ADAS HD is an advanced ADAS calibration tool that especially designs for Heavy Duty Vehicles. It provides multi-system calibration service including the ADAS systems of LDW, ACC, BSD, RCW, NVS, AVM, etc. The innovative fully foldable structure design offers 3 different forms (fully folded, half folded, fully expanded) to meet the demands of the daily storage, movement and calibrate. Equip with the millimeter precision laser rangefinder, the X-431 ADAS HD can measure distance without mechanical measurement.

  • 1. Innovative structure design (fully folded, half folded, fully expanded) to meet the demands of storage, movement and calibrate. 

    2. Supports multi-directional fine-tuning, including level, front and back, right and left adjustment.  No need to move the device tediously, centering and paralleling in 1 minute. 

    3. Equip with the millimeter precision laser range finder to  measure distance without mechanical measurement. 

    4. The lifting height of X-431 ADAS HD can reach 3 meters, suitable for calibrate heavy duty vehicles. 

    5. The target adopts a multi-point hanging way, which is safe, firm and not easy to fall off. 

    6. New upgraded Aluminum Alloy material for durable use.