About Us

NZ Auto Diagnostic Solutions Limited

Automotive Scan Tool and other diagnostic equipment specialist. 

We provide a high level of product technical support and service.

We supply and service the following top brands of diagnostic tools, Autel, Autoland, Texa, Launch and Auro.

Programming new and used ECUs on BMW, VW and Audi.

Removal of component protection on VW and Audi

Torque Wrench Calibrations

The best way to ensure that a torque wrench is working correctly is by calibration. During the calibration process, the wrench is checked to determine if it is within standards. If the tool is not within spec, the company is notified. The calibration lab will adjust or repair the wrench to make sure that it meets necessary standards.


We offer torque wrench calibrations at a quick turn around time and at a affordable price.

Give me a call to book your calibration.

Meet the Team

Edward Baard

With over 30 years of automotive and diagnostic experience, Ed can help you choose the correct scan tool for your workshop and provide technical support.