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EUCLEIA Tabscan S8 Car Automotive Intelligent Dual-mode Diagnostic System Scan

EUCLEIA Tabscan S8 Car Automotive Intelligent Dual-mode Diagnostic System Scan

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EUCLEIA TabScan S8 Automotive Intelligent Full System Diagnostic Tool with Coding and J2534 PDU 908P Programming

EUCLEIA TabScan S8 is an innovative high-end diagnostic scanner which invest one million mold, strict IP65 industrial design to enhance the stability. Combined the third-party diagnostic device,J2534 and PDU programming tools which achieved the multi-purpose, multi-connected, powerful dual-mode vehicle diagnosis. With the TabScan S8 coming into market, it identifies new diagnostic experience and cost performance, it is the best choice for working shops, garages, auto service stations ,etc.


EUCLEIA TabScan S8 Tablet Features And Advantages:

●High-end Dual-mode: Perfect adapt with software ,more powerful in universal and original manufacturer diagnosis.
●Multi-purpose: The wiScan T6 VCI can be connected with tablet, PC and phone App to achieve multi-purpose.  

●Rk3288 tablet solution: Cortex-A17 1.8GHz CPU ,Faster Booting in 10 Seconds, Fast Loading Apps Without Delay, Webpage Speedy Loading

●Extending J2534: More PDU protocol s and access were added,support programing voltage .

●Unique patent: Intelligent searching patent, tenfold faster than normal diagnosis.
●Humanity button: Real-time voltage and connection dispaly, one-click reading VIN code.
●Convenient application: Provide PCBU Query, remote assistance, workshop management and other convenient service.
● Easier assistance: Feedbacks automatically send to server which makes service more easier.

Support Multi-language

English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish

Free Update: 3 years Update Free Online


Tabscan S8 Multi-Mode Diagnostic with Multi-purpose:

1. All System Basic Diagnostic Functions:

Read& clear fault codes,

Read VIN number,

Data stream and display in graph,

ECU information,

Action test,

Freeze frame,

Special functions etc.,

2. Basic Special Function:

Basic coding, Matching, Reset, Secure login, Setting, Calibration, Testing, Triting information etc. (depending on the specific car models).


3. Common Maintenance Service Functions :

ABS Bleeding,

Battery Matching,

CVT Reset,

CKP Learning,

EPB Reset,

Oil Light Reset,

TPMS Reset,

Throttle Body Reset,

Steering Angle Reset,

SRS Airbag Reset,

DPF Regeneration ,

Remote matching

(depending on the specific car models, not for all cars). 

4. Advanced and Deep Maintenance Functions:

Head light Fitting,

Seat Matching,

Door and Window Onitialization Study,

Sunroof Initialization,

Air Suspension Matching,

Gearbox Matching,

Injector Calibration,

Multimedia Video Reset,

Cluster Reset,

Immobilizer Service,

Tire Change Reset,

(depending on the specific car models, not for all cars).

5. S8 Tablet Iintelligent system Fucntions:

Boot Guidance

Auto VIN Identification

One-key upgrade/system scan/DTC clear/screenshoot

DTC online search

Data stream display

PCBU code searching

Intelligent record and feedback data

Remote assistance

6. with “wiScan” APP supporting, could be used by phone in EOBD+ Maintenance Service Special Fucntion

  • CPU 1.8GHz quad-core
    RAM 4GB
    ROM 32GB
    External Storage Support 32GB,up to 64GB
    Battery 7600mAh lithium battery
    Screen 8-inch capacitive HD 1280x800pixels
    Operation System Android
    Interface Micro USB 2.0,HDMI,RJ45
    Bluetooth Bluetooth V4.0(Bluetooth low energy)
    Connectivity Bluetooth
    Charging Method Desktop charger and car charger
    Diagnostic Connector 7 connectors
    Product Size 265mm*175mm*27.5mm
    Processor ARM 32bit Cortex M3
    Flash 512KB
    RAM 128KB
    Support OS Windows Xp, win7, win8, win10
    Communication Connector DB15
    Wired Connection USB Type-B,USB 2.0
    Wireless Connection Bluetooth3.0/4.0
    Connectivity Bluetooth / Connect computer using USB cable