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Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope SATO1000 series

Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope SATO1000 series

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The Micsig SATO1004 is the 4-channel version of the SATO1000 series automotive tablet oscilloscopes. The oscilloscopes have an integrated 'automotive diagnostic software', providing them with a wide range of diagnostic tests relevant to the automotive sector.


The oscilloscopes are equipped with an 8" LCD touchscreen which makes it easy to operate. The display has a function that allows the so-called signal probability can be displayed. This function ensures that the brightness of the signal increases in places where this signal is more common. Furthermore, the screen has a multi-touch function that, for example, can be used to move four fingers down to the top of the screen. The internal memory of 32 GB can be used to store screenshots and waveforms locally. The measured waveforms can be displayed in real-time on a smartphone. It is also possible to connect a computer or projector.

  • Model SATO1004
    Bandwidth 100MHz
    Channels 4
    Sampling Rate 1GSa/S (single channel)
    Memory Depth 70Mpts (single channel)
    Support Test

    Charging & Start circuit, Sensors, Actuators, Ignition, Networks (including CAN, LIN, Flexray, K line, etc.), Combination Tests

    Bandwith Filter Full bandwidth, Low pass
    I/O Port Wi-Fi, USB 3.0/2.0 Host, USB Type-C, Grounding, HDMI, Trigger out
    Display 8" TFT LCD capacitive touch screen, 800*600 pixels, 14*10 grids
    Dimension / Net Weight 265*192*50mm / 1.9kg (with battery)