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Topdon Smartdiag Mini Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

Topdon Smartdiag Mini Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

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TOPDON SmartDiag Mini turns your smartphones & tablets into a pro-level scan tool with outstanding features, offering an easy time diagnosing the car by simply installing the exclusive SmartDiag App. Just plug the mini-sized adapter into the OBD port, and enjoy feature-rich and easy diagnostics anytime, anywhere, free from bulky equipment and tangled cables.


  • Access to All ECUs Go with Bluetooth OBD2 scanner SmartDiag Mini to make your smartphones & tablets a pro-level scan tool. Claiming the features of at least $150-200 range, the Bluetooth car diagnostic tool can diagnose all available car systems such as ABS, airbag, Engine, AT, EVAP, TPMS, BMS, EPB, etc. with data revealed in detailed text, merged graph for easy view. Diagnostic menus are depended on car’s make, model and year. NO Active Test available.


  • 16 Hot Functions Get everything you need in daily car diagnostic work with loads of reset functions for Oil, EPB, SAS, BMS, TPMS, IMMO, Gearbox, Sunroof, Suspension, AFS Headlamp, EGR; and guided maintenance procedures for ABS Bleeding, Injector Coding, DPF Regeneration, Throttle Body Adjustment, Gear Learning. IMMO service ONLY works on Asian cars with low-grade IMMO systems.


  • Fully Featured OBD2 Scanner Compatible with iPhone, iPad & Android devices, this Bluetooth professional OBDII scan tool can read, diagnose, and clear any OBD2 related error codes to help fix issues that happen frequently on most modern vehicles after 1996. It also allows Freeze Frame data retrieval, I/M Readiness check, O2 Sensor test, and more.


  • Grab & Go Simply download and install the exclusive SmartDiag App in App Store / Google Play for free, and plug the mini-sized adapter into the OBD port, then run feature-rich and easy diagnostics anytime, anywhere on your iOS 9.0 / Android 5.0, or newer smart devices, without bulky equipment and tangled cables. !!! Set up the Bluetooth connection in the SmartDiag App, NOT in the iOS / Android system settings.


  • Subscription Fee The car code reader offers 5 FREE choices to select the manufacturer software, or the reset maintenance software for the FIRST year. It’s USD$19.95 per year for each additional, or for renew manufacture. Each manufacturer software gives access to all diagnostic functions for all cars from the same manufacturer. Each reset maintenance software works on all cars in the supported list, regardless of its make, model, and year.
  • Operating Temperature: 0℃~50℃ (32℉~122℉)
    Storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃ (-4℉~140℉)
    Unit Dimension: 61.8*48.6*22.4mm (2.43*1.91*0.88 inch)
    Package Size: 116*75*37mm (4.56*2.95*1.46 inch)
    Net Weight: 40g (1.41 oz)