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TOPDON ITC629 Thermal Imaging Camera

TOPDON ITC629 Thermal Imaging Camera

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TOPDON ITC629 serves as an Infrared Thermal Camera designed for the commercial, electrical, facility, HVAC, and many more maintenance applications, to simplify their repair and maintenance reporting. It is an ideal option for those who need an Infrared Thermal Camera with top-notch thermal imaging and advanced features at a limited budget.

    • TOP-NOTCH THERMAL IMAGING - TOPDON ITC629 produces high-quality image: 220*160 Thermal Resolution with -20℃ to 450℃ Temperature Range and stunning 0.07°C Thermal Sensitivity, to capture all the subtle temperatures in the objects or scenes you typically encounter, which is only found in thermal cameras costing over $1,000.
    • GRAB & GO SIMPLICITY - No learning curve, no training required. This TOPDON thermal imager can be set up in seconds, and operated with one hand. It is lightweight, and has a comfortable grip for long periods of using time. Also, the rugged design helps in all rough and uneven areas.
    • UTILIZED IN A VARIETY - The thermal imaging camera serves various real-life applications e.g. electrical inspection, agriculture, home inspection, plumbing, vehicles, wildlife, hunting, etc. Addtionally, it boasts cutting-edge Automatic Hot & Cold Spot Thermal Tracking Technology to save you hours of painstaking investigations.
    • 5 COLOR PALETTES & 4 EMISSIVITY MODES - Choosing from Rainbow, Iron Red, Cold Color, Black Heat, or White Heat, to make readings much easier to visualize. Adjustable Emissivity from 0.01 to 1.00 with 4 types of object measurement modes, for more accurate data results, along with the wide 35×26 degree field of view.