Carrying out a regular service or a repair on commercial vehicles, trailers or semi-trailers requires expertise and advanced tools. Furthermore, the technician performing this task needs to move freely around the vehicle. For these reasons TEXA has developed the NAVIGATOR TXTs, a wireless Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) that communicates with viewing units, these being a TEXA product, example Axone Nemo, or a Windows computer, thanks to Bluetooth® technology.

Please note that the Navigator TXTs it is a Vehicle Communication Interface and can not be used as a stand alone device. In order to make it work, it must be paired with a display unit, this being a desktop, laptop or tablet, where the TEXA IDC5-Truck diagnostic software has been installed.


The TEXA Truck diagnostic software covers these make/brands:


Heavy Duty Trucks & Buses: Allegro, Blue Bird, E-One, Foden, Freightliner, International, Iveco, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Sterling, Temsa, Van Hool, Volvo Bus, Volvo Truck, Western Star, etc.

Medium Duty: Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hino, International, Isuzu, Kenworth, Fuso, Peterbilt, UD Trucks, etc.

Light Commercial Vehicles: Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, etc.      

Commercial Vehicles: Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, etc.     

Trailers: Bendix, Haldex, Meritor-Wabco, Thermoking etc.

Industrial Engines: Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, Deutz, International, Mercedes-Benz, Paccar, Scania, Volvo Penta, etc. 


TEXA diagnostic program offers a broad coverage for systems like engine management, pollution control systems, transmissions, brakes, chassis, cluster instrument etc. Advanced coding/setting/relearning of different systems are possible too. The coverage and the capabilities of the program vary based on make/model and include functions like: 

· Very advanced diagnostics coverage for many engines and transmissions  

· Easy to use and very well organized program 

· Reading & erasing DTCs 

· Reading live data and parameters  

· Activation of different components/systems 

· Engine compression test 

· Cylinder switch off  

· Injector registration/coding 

· Settings & calibrations 

· DPF forced regeneration 

· ECU configuration 

· Speed limiter change  

· Engine and transmission adaptations 

· Maintenance parameters reset 

· Wiring diagrams, technical info and many more


Also, TEXA offers Technical Support, Technical bulletins, Solved Problems etc. Contact us for detailed info.



Texa Truck IDC5

  • Pricing



    The price of the TEXA Truck package that includes the Navigator TXT interface and the IDC5 Plus Truck diagnostic software that covers the makes/brands mentioned is $9,472.00 plus GST.

    • One year updates included.
    • Includes electrical wiring diagrams, system and device descriptions and technical bulletins
    • OBD/DEUTSCH 9pin type 2 adapter
    • Truck & OHW power supply


    Many cables are available to select from. You can buy one or as many as you need.

    Note: Tax and shipping are extra charge.

    Licences & software are also available for all categories, listed below and can be purchased and integrated to the software.

    • CAR & LCV  
    • MARINE


    Lease2own options

    2 years $484.43 per month plus GST

    3 years $352.75 per month plus GST


    Note, a $50 fee is charged for PPSR & AML verification and is applied to the first month’s payment.

    Terms and conditions apply

  • How complicated is the Texa tool?

    TEXA offers a very easy to use and well organised software. The user-friendly program is one of the many advantages that make TEXA stands out from the competitors. Furthermore, the program provides detailed information, not only about the TEXA Truck Diagnostic Tool but valuable information related with the technology applied on modern trucks.

    The Truck Basic Learning guide can be found in the diagnostic package.

    The bottom line is that as a truck technician you will find the TEXA Truck Diagnostic tool a very useful equipment that does not need special training and advanced knowledge to be used.


  • Is technical information provided?

    The diagnostic capabilities that the TEXA tool offers are very advanced and cover a wide range of light, medium and heavy trucks. What makes the tool more usable is the fact that beside the long line of diagnostic functions TEXA provides very useful information, like technical bulletins, solved problems etc.

    Let's say you retrieved a DTC from a particular system in a truck and you are not sure how to proceed from this point. TEXA program will help you to get a better idea about the problem and provides important info that is needed to solve the issue.

    This “online” diagnostic info can be added to the TEXA Truck program at any time

  • Adding OHW software

    It is an easy procedure. You can buy the OHW software and install it on the same computer(s) that you have already have installed the TEXA Truck program. Beside the OHW software, manufacturer specific cables will be needed. Visit the OHW diagnostic page for detailed information about the cables available, software coverage and much more.

    The Truck and OHW software can be bought as a single package. Contact us for details.


  • Disclaimer

    All generic scan tools sold by NZ Auto Diagnostic Solutions Limited are not guaranteed to work on every vehicle. You accept that the tool and software program is provided "with all faults, defects and errors" and that all scan tool sales use the program “as is” and at their own risk. All software has been extensively tested, but we cannot guarantee that every update will work correctly with every system in every car, truck or vehicle. NZ Auto Diagnostic Solutions Limited will always commit to request the manufacturer fix any hardware or software issues and to enhance the program. We specifically disclaim any liability for damage to your car, truck or vehicle and we do not promise to have any particular enhancements or functions available on any specific date.

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