Inverter Intelligent Programming Charger Power Supply





· Inverter energy-saving and environment-friendly intelligent programming charging power supply, yellow green screen backlight digital liquid crystal display, a new advanced charging power supply with automatic detection, automatic charging, automatic maintenance, intelligent programming.

· Overvoltage and overcurrent protection, power failure alarm, short circuit protection, polarity reverse connection protection, high temperature alarm, automatic battery repair, etc. during charging

· It can detect and repair different types of batteries, and is suitable for advanced charging equipment in automobile repair stations and maintenance workshops.

· In and out vehicle pulse charging and battery repair.

· Works with ordinary, EFB, AGM and GEL batteries.

· It can be used in vehicles during static state maintenance, inspection and electronic control system programming. To prevent vehicle programming or other tests, the battery is too low to damage the vehicle control components and data loss.

· Voltage value (13.5V-16V) for programming can be adjusted according to different vehicle requirements.

· Non-sparking, reverse polarity protection, dedicated charging curve for all battery technologies, charge acceptance detection

· Extra large radiator (on 150A and 100A models) makes the performance more stable when using the machine for a long time


Technical Parameters



Input voltage: AC200-240V 50/60HZ                                                         Input power: 1200W                                                                           Maximum effective current: 100A                                                         Charging voltage: 12V                                                                                      Programming mode: 2-16V/2-100A                                                      Battery capacity: 10 ~ 1200Ah                                                                 Size:  43*35*14cm                                                                                        Weight:  8.5kg


Power Supply CVS100A-12H

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