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Launch X-431 PRO5 Smartlink Scan Tool

Launch X-431 PRO5 Smartlink Scan Tool

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X-431 Pro 5 LINK with Smartlink VCi for Super Remote Diagnostics (SRD).

A development of the successful Pro 5 Plus, The PRO 5 Link is supplied with the latest Launch development, the advanced Smartlink®C VCI. This advanced interface supports multiple communication and diagnostic protocols, these include, DOIP, CAN FD, J2534/1/2, D-PDU, RP-1210/C, 5GMHz wi fi, Ethernet, USB 2.0.

The Smartlink®C also supports Launch SRD (super remote diagnosis), this new development in diagnostics allows a technician to call a service provider who using the Smartlink®B device will connect to the vehicle remotely. It is then possible to carry out almost any diagnostic or programming function, on almost any vehicle using OEM or aftermarket tools.

The PRO 5 Link uses the latest in Launch diagnostic technology.Intelligent diagnostics automatically identifies the vehicle through the VIN. Over 70 car brands are covered, all with in-depth module information. 15 reset and special functions are included in the software. Fault codes can be resolved using the Launch CarSet database powered by Haynes Pro. Using guided diagnostics and technical information the technician following a test plan can resolve the fault issue.

ADAS dynamic calibrations are included, static calibrations are covered with purchase of the ADAS PRO & ADAS Mobile calibration frames.

The Smartlink®C can also be used as an interface for truck diagnostics. The software and comprehensive connector kit are an optional purchase. The Launch TruckSet database is also available to purchase

  • Features for X-431 PRO 5:

    1. Innovative DUAL diagnostic mode: traditional local diagnosis and SmartLink super remote diagnosis

    2. 15 special functions by local diagnosis, more by SmartLink remote diagnosis

    3. Android 9.0 operating system for exceptional convenient, fast and efficient vehicle diagnosis

    4. Intelligent diagnosis: quickly read vehicle VIN and license plate, check historical diagnostic and rapidly enter diagnostics.

    5. Strong diagnostic function with accurate diagnostic data for all systems 

    6. Guided function for VW and Audi 

    7. Extend modules of LAUNCH videoscope and IMMO key matching

    8. Support ADAS calibration

    9. Multiple query services: view reports, diagnostic records and Check testable models

    10. 3 Years Free Updates

    Features for SmartLink C:

    1. Powerful VCI 

    2. Local J2534 tool