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As we know, all  petrol engines’ ignition systems comprises of a single ignition coil, high tension cables for older vehicles or newer types: Coil On Plug (COP), Coil Near Plug (CNP) or Double Ended Coil on Plug (DECOP or waste spark), with or without distributors, spark plugs, etc. Amongst all, the ignition coil is the heart of the system that produces the vital high energy sparks that give rise to combustion.


Surveys have shown that about 30% of all engine problems were as a result of ignition systems faults.


To diagnose the condition of these high tension coils can be difficult if it is weak and there is a leak internally. Without proper tools to assist, this diagnosis can be difficult.


With the introduction of this Ignition Coil Tester, checking conditions of various types of ignition coils has been made easier.


This ignition coil tester can automatically distinguish the type of ignition coil that is being tested and will auto-switch its operation mode.


The simulation speed control can be adjusted from 180 to 12000 RPM  to test the coil under all speed conditions.


Simple operation:


Connect power to a 12V car battery and the power LED will light up.

Insert the yellow banana plug to the yellow socket and connect the cable to the control terminal of the ignition coil.

Hook up the spark tester to the ignition coil.

Turn ON the frequency knob and adjust the frequency from low to high (clockwise).

Turn back to low frequency and observe the spark colour which should be bluish purple.

Increase the frequency gradually and observe the spark line.

It should be in a straight line when NORMAL. If the spark line is curved, it indicates that the coil is aging or there is an internal leakage.

Turn to maximum frequency until the coil is slightly warm, then turn down the frequency and observe the spark line to see whether it is continuous or intermittent. If arcing sound can be heard but no spark, this indicates that there is an internal leakage.

Use Ignition Leak Checker to detect the source of the leak










Ignition Coil Tester

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