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DPM-RT 2 Real-Time Diesel Particulate Analyzer

DPM-RT 2 Real-Time Diesel Particulate Analyzer

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The DPM-RT 2 is the portable tool that environmental, compliance, ventilation, maintenance and service technicians need to reliably monitor Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) emissions from the tail (exhaust) pipe of heavy vehicles.


The DPM-RT 2 is a state-of-the-art real-time engine exhaust analyzer designed for measuring diesel particulate levels in real-time from 100nm in size up to 10um. It has a wide particle concentration range (from 0.1 to 420mg/m3) and features 0.1mg/m3 resolution. Using the latest laser light scattering photometry technology, the unit also operates off 12 VDC, incorporates a USB interface, auto zero’s prior to every test, and has many other advanced features. Designed and manufactured in Australia, it is an excellent tool for monitoring diesel particulate levels in engine exhaust.

    • A growing number of research papers have conclusively established that particulate emissions are a great risk to human health.

    • Given the dominance of diesel power sources in underground mining and other industries means organisations in these areas need to minimise worker exposure to this most dangerous pollutant. A capability to effectively monitor and control tailpipe exhaust or manifold particle emissions in real-time is a critical component in an effective control system for emissions.

    • Good maintenance can greatly reduce particulate emissions, improving confidence in a safe working environment.