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Autool SDT-206 Vehicle Leak Detector (Smoke)

Autool SDT-206 Vehicle Leak Detector (Smoke)

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Newest AUTOOL SDT-206 Vehicle Leak Detector Diagnostic tool now with level gauge.


Full featured machine with air flow meter, oil level gauge and pressure gauge.


Full complement of accessories including inflatable bladder.

Multi-purpose tester designed for leak detection in any low pressure closed system.


Detect the leakage of pipe systems on cars, motorcycles, boats...such as fuel pipe, air intake system and cooling tank.


Usable to pinpoint wind and water leaks of passenger and trunk areas.


Works off vehicle’s 12V battery supply. Has built-in air pump.



  • 1.Open the engine cover, and hang the detector in the cover.
    2.Disconnect the pipe that needs to be connected with detector. Usually before airflow sensor. If you use another point of entry you must block the pipe before the airflow sensor to enable the pressure to build up.
    3.Secure this side with proper taper stopple/pipe, and connect it with smoke output tube.
    4.Connect detector with DC12V battery: red with positive, black with negative. Do not connect in a contrary way.
    5.Turn on the power switch, and detector starts to work.
    6.Adjust the flow gauge. Control the input smoke value and pressure to make sure the pipe system can handle the pressure.
    7.In about 3 minutes, the pipe will be filled with smoke. I usually remove to oil filler cap and wait for smoke to come out and then replace the cap.
    8.Observe the floating ball in flow gauge. If the floating ball stays still in the bottom, the system is sealed. If the floating ball is arising or bouncing, the system is leaking.
    9.Position the leak points by floating ball. If the bounce arises highly, the leakage is serious.
    10.Check the leak points. Please use head lamp if necessary.
    11.After leak detection, please disconnect the wires and pipe.
    Do not run the detector over 5 minutes. It needs interval rest.
    The detector has protector. If it exceeds working limit, it will power off automatically. In this condition, please operate it later.