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AUTOOL EM365 ECU Programming Power Supply Regulated Battery Charger

AUTOOL EM365 ECU Programming Power Supply Regulated Battery Charger

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AUTOOL EM365 150A Inverter Programming Power Supply & 12V Battey Charger & Car Jump Starter Regulator Voltage Transformer


AUTOOL EM365 is a high-quality professional 3 IN1 Inverter Programming Power Supply with high performance. It is a must-have practical tool used by workshops, car electricians, car dealerships to provide a stable power supply for vehicles during ECU programming with functions such as recovering and fast charging the batteries as well.  By switching modes it is also used as a charger and jump-start 12V car batteries or as a power supply for car service and debugging.

  • 1. [Programming Power Mode]: AUTOOL EM365 Inverter Programming Power Supply is capable of providing stable power and assisting the vehicle's electronic control module (ECU) in programming or decoding.
    2. [Fast Charging Mode]: It supports various types of battery charging. During charging, the machine will automatically adjust the charging voltage and current according to the state of the battery and stop as soon as it is fully charged to avoid overcharging which may shorten the battery lifespan.
    3. [Car Jump Starter]: AUTOOL EM365 Inverter Programming Power Supply can provide 400A starting current to easily jump-start car engines that are under 5.0T displacement.
    4. [Battery Repair & Multi-protection]: It can repair batteries that have been discharged for a long time or have suffered severe power loss; It also comes with protection functions including overcharge, overheating, low voltage, short circuit, and reverse connection.
    5.[Three Years Warranty, Lifetime Maintenance]: For damage caused by non-human factors, AUTOOL promises to resend parts for free within 3 years. For any needs, you are warmly welcome to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP within 24 hours.