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AUTOOL BT760 Automotive Battery Tester

AUTOOL BT760 Automotive Battery Tester

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AUTOOL BT760 Automotive Battery Tester, Car Battery Analyzer for 12V/24V Cars Vehicles Trucks Charging System Diagnostic Tool with Printer


  • AUTOOL BT-760 -- This battery load tester is a more advanced tool with 2.8inches large colorful screen and print function. It suits to 12V/24V starting & charging system and can quickly test the cold start current, internal resistance, battery life, and accurately display the battery condition. The features include Battery test, Cranking test, Charging test, Maximum load test and reverse power connection protection.
  • EXTENSIVE TEST RANGE -- This product can test all kinds of automotive start-up lead-acid batteries, including AGM flat batteries, AGM spiral batteries & gel batteries and include currently the worlds majority of battery standards CCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE, GB.
  • PRINT LOGS FUNCTION -- Built-in printer uses standard thermal printer paper, so you can easily attach printouts to work orders. It made of high-quality copper clips and PVC-coated wire, will provide excellent connectivity and durability.
  • MAXIMUM LOAD TEST-- The tester mainly measures the value of the battery's maximum loadable electrical appliances. The purpose of the load test is to ensure that the battery can still operate normally without exceeding the maximum expected workload.
  • SAFE & CONVENIENT -- The insulated ABS shell prevents current leaks and is solid enough to withstand damage. Whether you own your personal mechanic shop or private owner, easy to use and convenient to carry around.
  • Autool BT760 battery tester adopts the world’s most advanced conductance testing technology, it is designed with 2.8inches large colorful screen and print function. Besides, BT760 has a reverse power protection device inside, even if the power pole is connected in reverse, it will not damage your car and battery.There is no same product on the market. BT760 can quickly and accurately measure the actual cold starting current of the starting batteries of automobiles and motorcycles, the health condition of the batteries, and it can quickly detect common failures of the starting systems and charging systems of cars and motorcycles, which is convenient for the rapid maintenance of cars and motorcycles. The battery tester supports 12 languages include English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Korean,Turkish, Thai.

    Technical Parameters
    Application: 12V automotive cranking lead-acid battery and 12v/24v car system test.
    Measurement standards and measurement ranges: CCA (USA): 20-3000; IEC (International): 20-2500;EN (Europe): 20-3000; DIN (Germany): 20-2500;JIS (Japan): 26A17-N200Z; Other Species.
    Working temperature: -20 ℃ to 50 ℃.
    Housing material: acid-resistant ABS plastic.
    Measuring battery range: 4AH-240AH.
    Measuring voltage range: 6V-30V.

    Packing List
    1* Battery Tester Built in printer(One Printing Paper Included)
    1* User Manual