iSCAN 3 e Performance and Support Redefined :

 ● Premium Diagnostic Capability - Euro, Asian, Australian, USA Brands Coverage

● 24V Japanese Truck Coverage 

 ● Remote Control and Support Platform

 ● Quality Hardware 

 ● Android-based with 8 inch IPS Touchscreen 

 ● Live Data Stream with Interactive Bi-Directionals, Service Functions
 ● Diagnostic Reports for Insurance Company (coming soon to all makes)

 ● Real-time Updates with Detailed Descriptions

 ● Email and Bug Report Directly from the Tool
 ● Incorporated J2534 Vehicle Interface


Service Functions

Supports system setting functions for common models, support until year 2019

  • Service Resets
  • Battery Replacement
  • Electronic Parking Brake Release
  • TPMS Registration
  • Calibrating Throttle Body
  • DPF Regeneration
  • Injector Coding
  • Immobilizer
  • Idle Speed Learning
  • Steering Angle Calibration
  • etc


Retrofits and Conversions

These vehicle options can be adjusted to customers preferences

  • Remote Control Fold Mirror
  • Change Maintenance Interval
  • ECO start/stop Function
  • Change Seat Belt Reminder Warning
  • Windows Remote Control
  • Enable DVD/TV While Driving
  • Save AC Function
  • Ambiance Illumination Function
  • Audio AUX Jack
  • Turn Signal Lamps Flash Frequency
  • Audio/ Video

Supported vehicles MB, BMW, Porsche, Ford, etc





    Autoland iSCAN3e Standard Diagnostic Scan Tool

    • Pricing

      Prices EXCLUDE 15% GST

    • Integrated J2534 Pass-Thru Device

      • Supports J2534 Interface standards to work with vehicle OBDII systems.
      • J2534 supports [Volvo-Vida], [JLR-SDD], [Toyota-Techstream], [Honda-HDS], [GM-GDS2],  [FORD-FJDS],  [Mazda-MMP], [Subaru-SSM4] .
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