Autoland CA15 Scope Meter
Extremely easy to use and fast single channel scope meter/multimeter
Ideal for the novice scope user or the experienced user who want a robust and fast scope to perform quick checks

Test signals to all sensors and actuators to include:

• Crank and cam sensors
• Injectors
• Ignition primary circuits
• Temperature sensor
• Air mass sensors
• Map sensors
• ABS sensors
• Lambda sensors
• Position sensors
• And many more

Also use as a multimeter check Volts, Ohms, Amps (via amps clamp) Short circuit test, Frequency, Duty cycle, Active time, Ignition dwell.

Features :
• Single channel scope and multimeter
• Heavy duty leads
• Extremely fast and easy to use
• Built in scope auto set up for large range of components and tests
• 3.6 volt rechargeable battery Li-ion battery
• Max measuring voltage DC220V and AC250V
• Weight 730g

Main unit
Carry case
Earth clamp
Back probe
3.6 Volt Li-ion battery x 2
Battery charger
Instruction manual


Scope and Multimeter with Presets for Sensors and Actuators


Dual Mode:
- Multimeter with digital reading
- Oscilloscope with Waveform

Test all ECU’s Input and Output on:
- Sensors & Devices
- Charging System
- Engine ignition System: primary and secondary (with IG-M1 for ignition secondary testing)

Expanded Functionality:
- Vacuum Gauge, Current Clip, Pressure Meter, etc.


Autoland CA15 Scope Meter

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