Autel MaxiSys ADAS Calibration Tool


Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is becoming standard equipment on today’s new vehicles. These systems are designed to assist drivers to prevent collisions by displaying alerts, providing camera images or by taking instantaneous control of the vehicle. The Autel MaxiSys ADAS provides the original complete diagnostic functionality, comprehensive and precise ADAS calibration. With MaxiSys calibration tools and accurate software, Autel MaxiSys ADAS is an ideal calibration tool for collision repair, glass replacement and repair shops.


This Complete Autel ADAS Frame Targets consist of all three packages. This Package is great for Auto Body Shops and Auto Glass Shops.

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The Autel calidration frame provides compatible use with vehicle leveling lifts by offering a taller than average extended adjustable height. The large automatic screw mechanism quickly raises and lowers the calibration frame pattern board and crossbar meet the vehicle.
Alignment procedure required to calibrate OE specified vehicle thrust angle before completing ADAS calibrations.
Autel ADAS calibration frame provides OE equivalent accuracy by wheel clamps attached securely to rim. Precise laser leveling from the Autel wheel clamp ensures the lowest degree of deviation from the OE specified thrust angle.


  • NOT INCLUDED - Autel MaxiSys Scan Tool with ADAS Calibration Tablet
  • Pattern Board 0600/06
  • 2 Patterns VW-LDW CSC0601/01 Mercedes-LDW CSC0601/02
  • Sliding Laser Plate
  • Mounted Tape Measure
  • Flip Up Reflector & Laser Position Ruler
  • Crossbar 0600/05
  • Push Button Power Lifter
  • Adjustable Base
  • Base Crossbar 0600/02
  • Base Holder 0600/01
  • ACC Reflector 0602/01
  • Wheel Clamp Lasers 0500/02
  • Wheel Clamps 0500/01
  • Honda - LDW CSC0601/05
  • Honda - LDW CSC0601/08-L
  • Honda - LDW CSC0601/08-R
  • Honda / IA-LDW CSC0601/09
  • Nissan / Infiniti-LDW CSC0601/06-L
  • Nissan / Infiniti-LDW
  • Toyota-LDW CSC0601/15
  • Nissan-LDW CSC0601/03-L
  • Nissan-LDW CSC0601/03-R
  • Toyota / Lexus-LDW CSC0601/11
  • Mercedes-LDW CSC0601-02
  • Target Board Holder 0600/22
  • Cadillac - AVM CSC1004/06
  • Center Axis Laser 0500/04
  • Honda - AVM CSC1004/02
  • Honda - AVM CSC1004/03
  • Nissan - RCW CSC1006/03
  • Mercedes - RCW CSC1006/01
  • VW-RCW CSC0806/01
  • VW-AVM CSC0804/01
  • Radar Calibration Plate 0602/02
  • Radar Calibration Box 0605/01
  • Corner Reflector 0802/01
  • Night Vision Calibration Box 0603/01
  • Night Vision Calibration 0803/01




Autel ADAS T1 calibration kit

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    1. Does the MSADAS tablet provide other scan tool functions than ADAS calibration?
    a. Yes, the MSADAS provides all the same diagnostic and maintence services as the MS908SP, including Pre / Post Scanning

    2. Can I purchase just the ADAS application upgrade without the calibration frame to complete ADAS calibration procedures?
    a. No, the MaxiSYS ADAS application requires a code (QR code scan) from the calibration frame to activate the software.

    3. Can I activate multiple tool ADAS applications from one calibration frame?
    a. No, the activation “bonding” is unique to a single ADAS application tool from the Autel ADAS

    4. Which vehicle actions require ADAS system diagnostics or ADAS sensor calibration?
    Sensor Replacement / Accident Repair / Wheel Alignment / Windshield Replacement / Diagnostic Service

    5. What is the easiest way to check the vehicle to confi rm which ADAS modules are active?
    a. During the Pre-SCAN procedure, the MaxiSYS software will scan all modules in all systems and list on a single screen,
    then provide visual ADAS icons next to the active ADAS modules. This shows technicians which ADAS systems are active
    and helps prepare a more detailed repair plan which includes the requrired ADAS calibration procedures after the repairs
    are complete.

    6. How do I know what patterns and calibration procedures to use?
    a. The Autel MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration Application software provides graphic step-by-step instructions that are vehicle
    model specifi c to confi rm the correct patterns are used during the correct calibration procedures. Your MaxiSYS software
    confi rmes this information is correct,based on the vehicle information confi rmed from the AutoSCAN feature, to confi rm
    which active ADAS modules in any vehicle system may need a calibration procedure completed.

    7. How do I know if the ADAS recalibration was successful?
    a. The technican can review the post-calibration scan to confi rm if the module DTC is cleared. The ADAS module
    calibration will not complete if the calibration steps were not followed correctly.
    8. What vehicle preparation is required before performing calibration procedures?The vehicle coolants and engine oil should be at recommended levels and the gas tank full.The vehicle should not be carrying any load (passengers or cargo).Adjust the tire pressure to the recommended value.Attach the wireless VCI to the vehicle DLC.Make sure the MaxiSYS is paired to the VCI, then make sure to close all the vehicle doors.Establish communication from the diagnostic tool to the vehicle.Follow the MaxiSys ADAS software instructions. Accurate preparation measures vary by vehicle and system.9. Do I need someone to assemble and or set up the calibration frame?a. No, the complete assembly is a simple 20-25 minute process. Graphic instruction and standard screws are included.10. Are training options necessary for working on ADAS calibrations?a. No, The MSADAS software features step by step illustrated instructions for placing the calibration frame and targets.b. If a customer requests general ADAS training, I-CAR, CTI, and AutoTech have ADAS classes utilizing the Autel tool.11. If I want to add individual targets or calibration tools later, are they available for purchase?a. Yes, the specialty fi xtures, existing targets and new vehicle coverage targets are available for individual purchase.

    12. Depending on which vehicle systems I am concerned with, which ADAS calibration kit should I purhcase?
    a. LDW, LKA, ACC (forward looking only) - You need the LDW kit (ADS-LDWPACKAGE)
    b. AVM, RCW, RCA (around view / 360 view / rear looking) - You need the Complete Kit (ADS-ADASCOMPLETE)
    c. Night Vision, Radar (includes Blind Spot etc.) - Also in the Complete Kit (ADS-ADASCOMPLETE)
    *can be added as additional accessories to the LDW kit

    13. What are the diff erent types of ADAS calibrations and are they brand specific?
    Depending on vehicle type, either a Stationary or Dynamic calibration procedure is required
    (in some vehicle types both are required) to calibrate ADAS sensors to vehicle modules.

    • Stationary calibrations are completed in a shop environment and requires the use of targets or patterns to complete.
    • Dynamic calibrations require the vehicle be driven on a road with well maintained markings for a determined time.
    COST TO SHOP $275 $200 $150 ---
    INSURER COST $300 $300 $300 $300

    14. What are insurance companies paying for calibrations?
    a. Insurance companies are typically paying between $200 and $300 for each ADAS calibration.
    b. The ADAS application also provides the Pre and Post-SCAN features, which insurance companies pay $100-$150 for.

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